Aquazone Premium Swimming Goggles (Lifetime Replacement Guarantee) Adjustable Strap – UV Protection-Shatter Resistant-Anti Leak Swim Goggles Lens-Wide Frame-Free Earplugs & Carry Case!

  • FABULOUS FIT AND COMFORT Aquazone wide blue swim goggles feature a rigid plastic frame with a soft silicone seal and an adjustable strap with clasp. Swimmers with small or narrow faces may not get a complete seal with this style.
  • WATER TIGHT WITH SHATTER RESISTANT MIRRORED LENSES See clearly throughout your swim with Aquazone’s goggles. Utilizing a solid hard-shell frame surrounded by a continuous soft silicone seal, your Aquazone goggles will develop a secure seal around the lenses and keep water out of your eyes. Featuring anti-shatter technology, Aquazone mirrored lenses are simply the best!
  • BONUS EAR PLUGS Avoid the pain and discomfort of swimmer’s ear with PVC ear plugs packaged with each pair of these Aquazone goggles for swimming.
  • PROTECTIVE CASE INCLUDED Safely carry your goggles and ear plugs wherever you go in your Aquazone hard shell case. Avoid scratches and accidental breakage by using the specially designed case that fits easily into a pocket or bag.
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Aquazone swim goggles are among the best swimming goggles on the market. Should you find a flaw in the workmanship or function of your swim goggles, Aquazone will provide a full refund or replacement. Order with confidence today.

Price: $19.99 + Shipping (Ships anywhere in the Continental U.S.)